Ultra Comfortable Deep Air Compression Technique Massage Chair Firm Squeezing Muscle Airbag Compression System w/ Manual Back Reclining for Quick Relaxation & Comfort at Home or Office

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Manufacturer Details

This luxury air compression massage chair will provide you with comfort and relaxation. People are enjoying the benefits of a chair massage at work; this specific model will perfectly fit the office space. Having a massage chair at your home can easily substitute a personal massager, so you can enjoy a personalized massage in the comfort and privacy of your home. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, this can be really useful. Several minutes of deep relaxation will increase your energy levels and will leave your body feeling rejuvenated.

Air massage chairs use air bags to provide the massage rather than the standard rollers. These bags provide a very soft massage rather than the intricate massage you would expect to experience in a massage parlor. A common technique used by massage therapists is to grip and squeeze large muscles firmly for a few seconds before releasing them. This can help relieve tension in tight muscles, prompting them to relax. This type of massage is ideal from a runner, avid sports player or active individual.

The same process is being utilized with this air massage chair. It slowly inflates bags of air to push and squeeze large muscle areas around your hips and back area. Use the control panel that is conveniently located on the armrest to select what areas you would like to massage. You can also adjust the height of the chair using the pneumatic press by using the lever underneath the chair. You are able to recline the backrest for the optimum level of comfort.

  • Included: Air Massage Chair Unit, Chair Base & Users Manual
  • Maximum weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Dimensions: H 33.5" x W 27.25" x L 24"
  • Seat Area: 18" Front to back/ 13" Wide
  • Backrest: W 20" x H 17.25"
  • Power: 110V, 48Watts
  • Weight: 40.5LB
  • Model No: LT307A
  • Available Colors: Lime Green & Burgundy

Key Features

ELECTRIC AIR COMPRESSION - Utilizing an air bag system allows you to stretch and relax large muscle groups on your body. This same air bag system can be found on all high-end massage chairs which can cost a fortune. MASSAGE STRENGTH INTENSITY - Intensity is proportional to inflation, a fully-inflated airbag will provide a firmer squeeze. You can select between a low and a high level of intensity. This will help deliver therapy to both superficial and deep level muscles as well as connective tissue. CONTROL THE AREA - While being able to access the control panel with ease this allows you to select what area you would like to work on. With 4 different modes to chose from you should feel relaxed in no time. The chair targets large muscle groups around your hips, gluts and your supporting back muscles. MULTIPROCESSOR - The multiprocessor is built into the chair that connects to the compressor and tells it when to activate airbags during a massage. The builit in control panel allows you to take control of all these features utilizing the multiprocessors power. ADJUSTABLE FEATURES - Enjoy the 360 degree swivel for multi-tasking convenience without having to get out of the chair. Utilize the manual back recliner to provide a more comfortable experience. If you need to adjust the height of the seat go ahead and use the pneumatic press located conveniently under the chair.

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