Soma System 9-Ball Massage Glove: The Most Enjoyable Self Massage Tool. Small and Portable Self myofascial Release Tool that Fits into Your Pocket. Use for Melt Method, Yoga Tune-Up and Yamuna

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Hello guys and gals!

Roman Torgovitsky, Ph.D., founder of SOMA SYSTEM, is here as always to assist you in making the most optimal choice in deciding if YOU DO or DO NOT need this SOMA SYSTEM tool!

You know how in descriptions of other SOMA SYSTEM products, I explain how SOMA SYSTEM offerings are NOT for everybody. How collection of traditional SOMA SYSTEM self-bodywork tools are designed to work together with trainings to teach you to BECOME YOUR OWN MASSAGE THERAPIST and thus will require time investment on your part to learn and practice?

Well, this DOES NOT apply to this awesome tool!

Literally ANYBODY will immediately figure out how to enjoy this massage glove!

I have presented SOMA SYSTEM at dozens of conference: personal training, yoga, Pilates, massage therapy and many others. One of the most exciting times during these conferences is right before the start of soma system seminar when people get their soma packages and start exploring the tools with great excitement. The massage glove would be always THE tool that attracts THE most attention! Right away people start congregating in groups to massage each other with the glove!

In fact, this is exactly what I use this tool for in my seminars - to break the ice and create a joyful atmosphere filled with laughter and smiles before we start the seminar!

While this massage glove is absolutely awesome to massage each other, it also has a hidden dimension. In fact, it CAN be used as a pretty advanced self-massage tool if you correctly apply your body weight over the massage glove while lying down, sitting down on a chair or leaning against the wall - please see images on this page.

This massage glove also comes with a short instructional video that gives basic recommendations on how to use it.

Key Features

WHOLE BODY MASSAGE TOOL: Suitable for any part of the body. Massage the head, face, neck, shoulder, arms, chest, back, belly, calf, hamstring, leg, foot etc. Achieve self-myofascial release with this tool. You can carry the tool anywhere with you. PHYSICAL THERAPY & SPORT APPLICATION: USE BEFORE running, yoga, pilates, crossfit and personal training practice to improve blood circulation, mobility, and reduce risk of injury! USE AFTER exercise to relieve pain, sore muscles, and boost tissue regeneration. USE ANYTIME to reduce aches and pains, reduce fatigue, increase sensory awareness, relieve stress, and improve sleep HAND-HELD AND HANDS-FREE DESIGN: The 9 rolling metal balls move freely and unginged in a 360 degrees fashion. The glove is adjustable at the back to fit any hand. Wear the glove to massage every area of your body. Place on the floor, chair, or against the wall to self-massage the back, glutes, or other parts of the body THUMB-LIKE SPECIFICITY: Apply uniform pressure on all 9 balls to get nice EFFLEURAGE-LIKE MASSAGE or localize pressure to one ball for TRIGGER POINT or DEEP TISSUE massage. An INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO GUIDE will be sent to your email immediately after purchase for best use AWESOME PARTY ENTERTAINMENT: Bring this tool to a party to help people to MEET, relax, and have FUN! Everybody has tense muscles and no one hates massage

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